Musical practices start for the season


Lilah Adams

Music is in the air, and not just from the band. The annual musical production by the theatre department is revving up for a winter performance set for early January, and to prepare, students are giving up Sunday afternoons for rehearsals.  

The cast will perform Into the Woods, and students auditioned for lead roles over the summer.

“I am beyond excited for this experience,” senior Gracie Davis said. “I have always wanted to be Cinderella since I was little. I am so glad that I now get to be her in a musical.”

With the actors split between two class periods, Into the Woods practices had to move away from the school day, especially since it is a difficult musical.

“I was scared that we were not going to be able to do the play,” sophomore Tana Cleveland said. “I know having the practices on Sunday will be tough, but I am just so happy that I get to be apart of such a great musical.”

Director Jill Henson decided to continue with the musical, despite the obstacles, because she feels the students involved are very dedicated to the production.

“I have been a little scared for this production,” Henson said. “However, I am very happy that the kids are practicing their music and learning their lines.”

The cast includes Lilah Adams as the Witch, Gracie Davis as Cinderella, Zach White as the Baker, Tana Cleveland as the Baker’s wife, Sheri Donaldson as Little Red Riding Hood, Colby Menefee as the Narrator, Kayleigh Rhodes as Jack, Ally Smith as Jack’s Mom, Madison Rowan as Florinda, Mollie Dittmar as Lucinda, Taylor Lack as the Evil Stepmother, Jocelyn Taylor as Rapunzel, Tate Slaughter as The Wolf/ Cinderella’s Prince, Evan Grisham as Rapunzel’s Prince, Emma Reeder as Granny, Dylan Cornish as Steward, and Nadia Garcia as the Giant.