Student Spotlight: Savanna Guevara


Yomele Almeida

Hanging out with other teens may be the norm for most students on the weekends, but for sophomore Savanna Guevara, being on her own is just fine. She likes to read and listen to music and said she would rather spend time by herself doing those than anything else.

The hobby that really sets her apart, though, is the time she spends researching serial killers.

“I’ve never done something as intriguing as this,” Guevara said. “It’s really interesting.”

She began this project during the summer and has compiled a long list of killers she is now familiar with. She says that several have piqued her interest. 

“I’ve researched more than 30 people,” Guevara said. “My favorite is Ed Gein.”

The topic is a gruesome one, but Guevara finds it fascinating.

“I’m interested to know the psychological reasons behind what these people do,” she said. “Gein skinned people and then used their skin and bones to make things.”

Savanna shares her favorite weekend activity with her boyfriend, junior Tyler Clinton. 

“I enjoy doing something I like with him,” Guevara said. “This is our favorite hobby as a couple.”

Savanna plans on going to college and becoming a professional photographer when she finishes high school.

“I truly enjoy photography,” Guevara said. “I really look forward to becoming a professional.”