TV Review: American Horror Story


Jordan Jenkins

Summer has come to an end, and while that does mean back to school for students, it’s music to the ears of all American Horror Story fans. With fall comes the premier of the show’s sixth season.

When and what have been the two huge questions that American Horror Story viewers have been asking concerning the show’s upcoming season. Although it took a while for FX to release a premier date, they finally got around to it. Viewers were shocked, but excited, to hear that the air date would be pushed up to September 14, because all other seasons have started in October.

What the season will be actually be about still remains a mystery. The theme for this season has not yet been revealed. Even though teasers have been released, rumor is that all but one of the teasers is false. FX’s plan is for viewers not to know which one is real until the airing of the season’s first episode.

The show’s official Rotten Tomatoes page recently listed Season Six as American Horror Story: The Mist on its website. After realizing the leak, the site changed the title to only “Season Six.” Coincidentally, one of teasers is titled “The Mist.” The teaser includes a scary-looking creature in a misty environment, which is still a pretty vague theme for viewers.

In a video for the American Horror Story preview series, actor Evan Peters was asked to disclose any information that he could about the upcoming season.

“They don’t tell me anything,” Peters said. “I don’t know.”

One thing that Peters did share was that the color of his hair was not something he picked for himself. When asked if his new red do was a result of the filming of the new season he replied with ‘Uh yes, I’m trying to figure out if I can say. Yes, I didn’t do this to my hair. Yeah.”

Though Rotten Tomatoes may have accidentally revealed what the new season will include, watchers should not yet disregard the other teaser themes. “The Mist” could be the idea of FX. Either way, viewers find out everything tonight.