Student Spotlight: Gracie Davis


    Students are often overloaded with classes, sports, and academics, but overloaded takes on a whole new meaning when talking about Gracie Davis. She is involved in the Bison Belles, FCCLA, softball, advanced classes, theater, and a college class. She plans to graduate early and attend Texas A&M to become a zoologist.

    “I’ve taken on a lot of responsibilities this year,” Davis said. “I joined FCCLA this year and began to take a college class, English 1301.”

    Davis’ main priorities are dance, theater and her college class. She plans to try out for Bison Belle captain this spring.

    “I love dancing,” Davis said. “I plan to try out for captain next year. I really want to audition for the dance team at ATM.”

    Davis takes her college class on Wednesday evening. She is taking English 1301 and plans to take other classes during summer break.

    “This class has shown me how hard college can be,” Davis said. “It has been a really rigorous course but taking it with a friend has been much easier. I am going to take more classes during the summer.”

    Many people support her decision to graduate early. They are excited to see what she is going to after she graduates.

    “She is really inspiring,” sophomore Shalyn Cotton said. “I was a little shocked when she said she was graduating early, but I support her every bit. She always puts her whole body and mind into everything. I strive to be like her.”