Pete Carroll deserves to be fired


The two best teams in the NFL shared dramatic moments and big plays throughout the entire game. Just when you thought one team had took control, the other did something to change the momentum.

In the end, after a miraculous, worthy-of-a-slow-mo catch by Jermaine Kearse to get the Seahawks in the general vicinity of the goal line, Marshawn Lynch had just blasted off left tackle for 4 yards on the previous play to give Seattle possession at the one. One yard and 26 seconds separated the Seahawks from winning their second Super Bowl in a row. You would think that at this point it couldn’t have gotten any easier for the Seahawks. Even Brady was on the sideline hanging his head. He knew it was over. Except that it wasn’t.

Pete Carroll called the dumbest play that a coach could ever call in a situation like this. Instead of going ‘beastmode’ and giving the ball to Lynch, the he decided to go for a pass. From the one. Seriously.

Across America, football fans watched in stunned disbelief as Patriot Malcolm Butler picked off the pass, clinching the win for his team.

Pete Carroll deserves to be fired for making that call. There was enough time on the clock to at least try two attempts at running the ball. It was a terrible way to end a terrific game, one of the best Super Bowls in history.

“It’s not the right matchup for us to run the football,” Carroll said.

I call bull; when you have a back like Lynch, you don’t worry about the defenses personnel. Lynch is the most difficult back in the NFL to tackle – he could have easily won the game for Seattle.

New England fans will never forget it. Seattle fans will never get over it.