Novel examines true teenage life


Just the nickname of the main character of John Green’s First novel, Looking for Alaska, shows the author’s sense of humor.Miles “Pudge” Halter is joined by  Alaska Young, Chip Martin (A.K.A. The Colonel) and Takumi Hikohito in this modern-era love story.

  Looking for Alaska is not the boy-meets-girl love story that it first seems, it is more a tale of how love isn’t as translucent as it seems. It starts of with Miles, who leaves his comfortable life in California for Culver creek Preparatory Boarding School and is swept into the all-too-teenage lifestyle of exams and due dates as well as the fun and excitement of pranks, drinking, smoking and young love.

The thing  thing I enjoyed about this book is that it showcases teenage life as it really is; it doesn’t hide anything in its honest light. John Green makes no effort to make it a proper book. It goes into the reality or smoking cigarettes and drinking liquor while it also explains getting and trouble and the consequences that come with it. Green spins a web that tells what going through love and lust and death is really like as a young adult.