Bison face tough obstacles against Alto


pate photo

The offensive line gets set to gain some yardage during the game against Alto. The varsity lost 0-65.

A grueling game against the Alto Yellow-Jackets last Friday ended in a 0-63 loss to finish off the team’s pre-district games. With their first district match scheduled for Friday against state-ranked Franklin, the boys are hoping that the lessons they have learned with their losses will help them build success from this point on.

“We need to fix a lot of things a lot of the little things and work together as a team,” junior Dylan Harris said. “Hopefully we will do better next week.”

Many of the boys say they want to just move on from this week’s game and focus on the future.

“Let’s just forget about last week and move on to next week,” junior Kyle Simpson said. “I want to eliminate that game from my mind.”

Several minor injuries during the game slowed the team down, as did a mild concussion for sophomore Cameron Varner, who had to be taken to the high school. He was treated for the concussion and severe dehydration before being released.

“It was pretty bad because a lot of the guys got hurt,” junior Allison Grissett said. “But overall they never gave up.”

The junior varsity team had their own challenges with Alto the night before. Despite a loss, the players said they were not giving up on the possibility of a winning season overall.

“We hustled the entire game and never gave up,” sophomore Dylan Beshears said. “We can only get better so we just have to keep working hard.”

Freshman Jordy Maltos said that the scoreboard did not really reflect the effort the team put into the game.

“We won in our hearts,” freshman Jordy Maltos said. “The scoreboard doesn’t really matter if we tried.”

The junior varsity team is going to continue to work hard and give every game their all. They have a lot of heart, and that will help them to be the best team they can be.