Dancers try out for new Belle line


The new officers and line performed for a crowd Thursday evening, showcasing the Belles form the new 64th line as well as the retiring 63rd.

Nervous smiles and tension filled the air as the hopeful Belles-to-be walked into the gym for their tryout performance. This was their first tryout for some, while others were seasoned veterans, but everyone was anxious.

The Bison Belles held tryouts for the 64th line last week for line members and officers. All auditions were performed for outside judges, with results announced that evening.

“The newbies have been practicing on their dance nonstop,” Belle director Melissa Isaacs said. “They are really determined to be Belles, and I’m so proud of them.”

First to perform were the officer candidates: freshmen Nayeli Ayala and Abby Sandate and sophomores Pari Jariwala, Nidia Dominguez, Ashlynn Carillo and Shelby Johnson. Captain candidates were juniors April Martinez and Emma Adams.

“I was feeling anxious,” Jariwala said. “My heart was beating super-fast while I was waiting for the results.”

Ayala, Jariwala, Carillo, and Johnson were selected as the new officers, while Dominguez was named Social Officer President and Sandate will be Social Officer Vice President. Adams received the position of first lieutenant and Martinez was named Captain of the 64th line.

“It was an overwhelming feeling when I got Captain,” Martinez said. “I’ve been working so hard and I’m glad with how things turned out.”

There were a total of 10 new incoming line members and 8 officers, making it a team of 18 members.

“It is definitely a smaller team than previous years, but we have to work with what we got,” Adams said. “I know we are more than capable of accomplishing anything we set out to as a small team.”