Don’t miss the Beauty and the Beast animated classic


Sherlynn Rodriguez

Beauty and the Beast, a Disney classic, still makes its way onto many screens and is loved by kids, teenagers, and adults.

The story begins when a young prince and his servants fall under a spell cast by a wicked enchantress. Until the prince learns to love and be loved in return, he will forever stay a horrifying beast and his servants will stay household objects, eventually losing their human-ness completely. One day, a village girl named Belle finds the castle while looking for her father, who is imprisoned by the beast. With the help of the castle servants, Belle begins to draw the embittered beast out of his isolation.

This film is one of Walt Disney Animated Classics. It was released on November 22, 1991, making it almost 30 years old. It was directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, and the two main characters were cast by Paige O’Hara (Belle) and Robby Benson (Beast).

Although this movie may be old, its graphics are detailed and very close to modern graphics. Its music and songs are very catchy towards the audience. Overall, its cinagraphic features are magical.

I highly recommend this movie, even if you’ve already seen the more recent 2017 live version. While both are magical in their own way, there is something about the animation that makes this movie meaningful. Disney wouldn’t be complete without it. It has a very special and important message, which is seeing the beauty within.