Spotlight: Principal John Clements


Sherlynn Rodriguez

We’re in the finest school in Leon county!

Principal John Clements repeats this phrase every day in the school’s announcements. His optimism and assurance of being the best school is contagious.

“We are going to be the best in Leon county, and I truly believe it,” Clements said. “I want to make sure that everybody understands that I am not kidding around when I say it. We have the talent and the people that are willing to do their best in order to be successful.”

Clements has been a school principal for 19 years. Before coming to Buffalo, he was a principal in Diboll. He later found this job opening where he decided to take this opportunity.

“I wanted a new challenge and I knew Buffalo would give me that,” Clements said. “Buffalo has been a very kind, helpful, and welcoming community to my son and I, and I am very thankful for that.”

Due to the recent pandemic, a job as a principal has been very difficult and complex. New policies and procedures have changed the way that staff and students were accustomed too.

“It’s hard. The policies and regulations change almost daily and we have to try to adjust to it,” Clements said. “It is not comfortable having to change things all the time. Nobody likes change that much.”

From having students and staff wear masks the entire day to making sure everyone is six feet apart, Clements is trying his best to make sure the school is in a safe environment.

“Some of the toughest decisions I’ve made to keep our school safe is having to separate the students from each other,” Clements said. “They’re teenagers and I know they don’t like having to be six feet apart from each other or having to wear a mask the entire day.”

Although COVID-19 has been a hassle, it hasn’t stopped Clements from setting goals. From making students feel prideful of their school to bringing more CTE (career tech) classes and options for students, Clements plans to improve our school.

“I want to improve a lot of little things as in the school’s environment,” Clements said. “I want students to be proud and prideful of BHS.”

Clements expects this school year to be outstanding. He wants teachers to develop good relationships, and high expectations towards their students and most importantly, have students leave Buffalo knowing they can accomplish their goals.

“I know that this year will be successful,” Clements said. “I expect students to take pride in who they are and grow up being able to leave Buffalo and become whatever they are striving for.”