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Bison baseball gets underway

March 1, 2018 4:05pm | Staff

The Bison baseball team has tournaments planned for the next two weekends as their season starts to move into full swing. Despite delays due to weather, the team has gotten games in and has high hopes for the season.      

Taking a look back at basketball season

February 28, 2018 4:40pm | Staff

The 2017-2018 saw the Lady Bison in the playoffs and the Bison with a near-miss. Take a look back at some of their highlight moments. Photos by Cain and Menefee        

Softball starts season

February 15, 2018 10:21pm | Itzel Velazquez

It’s time to eat sunflower seeds, sing chants from the dugout and hit home runs. Softball season is beginning and will soon be in full swing. “I am excited because I have been waiting for softball season,” junior Kenzie Barnes said. “Softball is my sport […]

Lady Bison bow out at bi-district

February 14, 2018 3:00pm | Nadia Garcia

Last week, the Lady Bison headed to Corsican to take on the Lady Keene Chargers for their first playoff game. This was the first playoff game the Ladies had since playing at the State Championship last year. “I was very  excited about the game,” sophomore […]

Basketball team honors seniors

February 14, 2018 2:55pm | Itzel Velazquez

It’s the last home game and the announcer starts to call out names one by one. Three boys walk out, each with his mom by their side; as the time has come to say goodbye to playing for the high school basketball. Before the Bison’s […]

Baseball team starts scrimmage season

February 13, 2018 5:35pm | Kaline Martinez

The boys are fired up. They are ready to go into the field. They are in position and they stare down the pitcher in hopes of intimidating him. It’s baseball season, and the Bison start off with a scrimmage against Mildred in Mildred. “The scrimmage […]

Lady Bison compete in tie breaker games against Malakoff and Leon

February 12, 2018 4:13pm | Kayleigh Rhodes

The Lady Bison will play in a bi-district game against Keene tonight after winning one and losing one in a three-team play-in set last week. Buffalo took on Malakoff and Leon after being part of a three-way tie for second place in district play. “We […]

Power lifters compete at Rice

February 6, 2018 4:39pm | Tana Cleveland

Last week the team traveled to Mildred. Last Saturday on February third, they traveled to Rice to compete. The girls and boys teams both competed very successfully. “So far, we’ve been very successful in our meets,” sophomore John Vaughn said. “We just go in and […]

Lady Bison honor teachers

February 5, 2018 3:42pm | Kaline Martinez

Instead of their annual senior night, since there were no senior players on the team, the Lady Bison honored teachers and staff member that has had an impact on their lives before their last home game Friday night. “That night was very special and unique,” […]

District continues and teams fight for playoff position

January 28, 2018 8:28pm | Kayleigh Rhodes

This week marks the sixth week of district for the Lady Bison and the fifth week for the Bison. Each team is striving to obtain a spot in playoffs. “Playoffs is something that I have been looking forward since the beginning of the season,” junior […]