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Spotlight: Eddie Aguillar

December 4, 2018 11:27pm | Sherlynn Rodriguez

Edgar Aguilar, who prefers to be called Eddie, is a freshman who loves music. He loves to listen to music and he loves playing instruments. Eddie is a member of the Bison Brigade, and every Friday night he is out marching on the field with […]

Spotlight: Gracelynn Dawson

November 26, 2018 9:03am | Itzel Velazquez

Bump Down!  1,2,3,4 …5,6,7,8 Cheer language is second nature for Freshman Gracelynn Dawson, who says cheerleading is the most important activity in her life. “I live and breathe cheer,” Dawson said. “I have done cheer since I was eight.” Dawson participates in competitive cheer, high […]

Bison win district

November 6, 2018 8:45pm | Andrea Garcia

The Thundering Herd faced off the Edgewood Bulldogs in a heart-pounding match. Both undefeated teams fought for the district championship title; however,  the Bison pulled through with a 54-36 win. “We have wanted this title since last year and worked all summer to win it,” […]

FCCLA carves pumpkins

November 4, 2018 9:51pm | Kaline Martinez

Supergirl made her way towards the candy that was waiting for her across the lawn. As she stepped onto the porch, everything got darker and the crickets became louder. Thump…Thump…tha-thump. Snap. She quickly turns around and in the corner is a pair of yellow eyes. […]

LOL Club has first meeting

November 2, 2018 9:46pm | Josalyn Taylor

Giggles and squeals filled the cafeteria. Usually full of high school students, the area housed elementary students who were reading and creating pumpkin necklaces. It was the first LOL Club meeting. The club – the full name is Love of Literature Club – invites students […]

Graves, Garcia crowned for homecoming

October 30, 2018 8:40pm | Jazlynn Early

During halftime of the Homecoming game the Homecoming court was introduced, along with the announcement of the Homecoming King and Queen. The bleachers were filled with smiling faces as the crowd cheered for Andrea Garcia and Peyton Graves, the 2018 Homecoming king and queen. “When […]

Bonfire kicks off homecoming

October 27, 2018 8:31pm | Tana Cleveland

The homecoming bonfire was back at the high school campus and had a DJ and food trucks added to the evening to add to the fun. Students began on Tuesday morning to search for wood pallets to burn. After they collected a couple trailorfuls, they […]

Band receives “2” at contest

October 26, 2018 10:01pm | Iris Valles

This is our house – let’s blow their faces off! Those are the words of band director Jeff Villarreal said just before the Bison Brigade went on to perform on the McAllen field for UIL contest. “We’ve been working very hard since August,” Villarreal said. […]

Journalism students attend state convention

October 24, 2018 7:07pm | Iris Valles

“I give myself permission to write crap” everyone in the journalism session chanted, keeping their right arm up in the air, taking an oath. This was one of the dozens of sessions that were provided for the 650 journalists who attended the Texas Association of […]

Spotlight: Emma Adams

October 24, 2018 1:36pm | Iris Valles

Belles! Atten Hut! Forward … march! Left, left, left-right-left. Freshman Emma Adams is a new member of the Bison Belle drill team. She previously went to Dew Junior High and transferred here. She has been wanting to be a Belle since she saw them perform […]