Student Spotlight: Jorge Palafox


Kaline Martinez

“Pass the ball!” Squeak. Swoosh!

Sighing in relief, freshman Jorge Palafox relaxes as the ball makes it into the hoop. Passionate about basketball, Palafox also like to watch his younger siblings play.

“I enjoy playing basketball and I like it because of the aggressivity and tension,” Palafox said. “I like to go and support them and they’re great and I’m really proud of them ”

Palafox also enjoys playing soccer for his uncle’s team and football at school.

“Playing soccer runs in the family,” Palafox said. “Even though we all play as a family we get really competitive.”

In addition to sports, he also likes to work and make money. He enjoys going outside and feeling the cool breeze.

“When he’s free, he loves to go outside,” Kevin Espinoza. “When we hang out we’re barely ever inside.”

In the future, he plans to attend Texas A&M to get a degree in Architecture.

“Jorge is a really smart kid and a good friend,” freshman Manuel Gonzalez said. “I think he is capable of being accepted into Texas A&M.”