Student Spotlight: Lindsey Gonzalez


Josalyn Taylor

Painting in her free time is just one of many hobbies that freshman Lindsey Gonzalez has. Gonzalez paints anything that comes to her head, and she gives the finished artwork to people as surprise gifts.

“Sometimes I don’t want to get on my phone, so I’ll paint,” Gonzalez said. “When I’m done with the paintings I give them to my friends to make them smile.”

Over the weekend the FCCLA went to a contest and Gonzalez and her teammate Yomele Almeida won second place in Interpersonal communication.

“I found out on the app and I started crying,” Gonzalez said. “I doubted myself during the event and I was surprised at getting second.”

Getting second place made her get a chance to go to state in that event.

“I was super happy for getting second and making it for state,” Gonzalez said. “As a freshman, I didn’t think that I could do it.”

As well as being in FCCLA, Gonzalez participates in Belles. During her time in Belles she has helped her teammates get better at their dances. Next year Gonzalez will be trying out for officer.

“I like to help the other Belles figure out the dances so we can all look good,” Gonzalez said. “And I hope I will make officer so I can continue to help my team.”