Student Spotlight: Iris Guerrero


Scarlet Carrillo


5! 6! 7! 8! Sashay, 2, 3 … prep and jump.



Breathing heavily freshman Iris Guerrero gets back into position to repeat the dance the Belle’s where now working on.

“I feel like Belles gives you a chance to become a better person and experience new things,” Guerrero said. “Dancing feels very natural to me and I have a team that helps me when the world is against me, which is nice.”

Besides dancing with the Belles, Guerrero is also in GEMS, Spanish Club and FCCLA.

“We all enjoy having her involved,” freshman Kayla Seanze. “She’s really focused and likes to make a positive impact.”

When Guerrero isn’t dancing or worrying about school activities she watches Netflix. Her favorite shows include Stranger Things, Atypical, Dexter and Flash.

“I like watching shows that keep you at the edge of your seat,” Guerrero said. “They keep you entranced and you just want to know whats next.”

Iris Guerrero works on an assignment in art class. Martinez photo

She also likes to watch her favorite youtubers Alex Wassabi, Laurdiy, Mannymua, Nikkietutorials, James Charles, Swoozie, Suppergo, and Liza Koshy.

“The youtubers are really relatable to,” Guerrero said. “They’re also really funny to watch.”

She plans to go to college out of Texas and have a successful career that has a positive impact on the world.

“I haven’t planned out my future yet. I’m just going with the flow,” Guerrero said. “I do know I’m going to college.”