Bazzi makes people his own

Bazzi makes people his own

Iris Valles

No matter who is listening to his song artist Bazzi wants to let them know he is making them his. His song Mine will for sure make their brain think they are his.The artist that is now rising because of his catchy songs “Alone” and “Beautiful” are hitting the charts on Spotify.

“Mine came to me on a summer day” Bazzie explained about his track “I was smoking with a few friends in the pool and the melody just hit me and I instantly left for my homie’s house that I make all my music with.”

The song has hit ninth on Spotify’s the United States Top 50. It is a song that would be good to dedicate to a special someone. It has a good rhythm to it and lyrics.There have been many edits to the song that makes it seem like it goes with every love scene in a movie or little clip.

I actually love this song, it is my go-to song every time I get the aux cord. I love the way it goes, and it makes me feel happy. I recommend to listen to it and also his other songs. He is an artist in the progress of becoming something big and great.