Speech team wins at Colleyville


Josalyn Taylor

The speech team headed to another practice meet last saturday in Colleyville, Texas. The meet was a practice for the upcoming National Speech and Debate competition that is scheduled for next week.

“Although I am going to NSDA for another event than what I did at Colleyville, I’m glad I could practice,” senior Lilah Molina said. “I was able to practice speaking in front of other people, which will help at NSDA.”

For a couple of the students, the meet was a chance to dip their toes in a new event. Junior Kayleigh Rhodes competed in poetry.

“I usually compete in Lincoln Douglas debate, and this event is a lot easier than that,” Rhodes said. “There were a lot of good speakers in the rooms I was in. I was surprised when I didn’t get last.”
Three students came home with trophies.

“I was really proud that these guys held their own against big Dallas schools,” coach Melonie Menefee said. “There were many strong teams, and our kids did well.”

Junior Sheri Donaldson placed second in poetry; junior Tana Cleveland placed second in Prose; Colby Menefee placed third in Informative.

“My room had a lot of competitive speakers,” Donaldson said. “I’m surprised I got second. Everyone was really talented.”