School Board Appreciation Week


Scarlet Carrillo

January is National School Board Appreciation month, so the school board and their spouses were treated to a special meeting this month.

“We provided a dinner to thank the board,” Principal Tracy Gleghorn said. “It’s an unpaid position, and we wanted to appreciate them for making the school a better place.”

The tables were set up with laminated table placemats made by the elementary kids thanking the board members for what they do.The food included peppers with cream cheese wrapped in bacon, baked potatoes, chocolate bouquets, water and sweet tea. FCCLA helped cook the meal, served, then stayed and cleaned.

FCCLA officers Dylan Cornish and Chelsea Harter help prepare the school board appreciation meal.

“Although it was mainly about us hosting it, we had a lot of fun,” Carina Sanchez said. “When you’re at home you don’t always have company cleaning the dishes.”

After the members were done meeting, the cake was cut and served. Not all members made it to the meeting, but the one that did go left with leftovers.

“They left feeling appreciated,” Gleghorn said. “They were also impressed with our students and the way the students treated them.”