District continues and teams fight for playoff position


Kayleigh Rhodes

This week marks the sixth week of district for the Lady Bison and the fifth week for the Bison. Each team is striving to obtain a spot in playoffs.

“Playoffs is something that I have been looking forward since the beginning of the season,” junior Melanie McGill said. “It is such an exciting time of the season.”

The boys took on Westwood and Elkhart. They fell to Westwood, but came home with a win against Elkhart.

“We have seen major improvement since the beginning of the year,” junior Dirk Kilgore said. “That’s our goal and each week we meet it.”

The Lady Bison won against Westwood and would have played Elkhart’s JV since Elkhart does not have a varsity team, but instead decided to travel to Houston and support former Lady Bison Jordan Jenkins, who now plays with the University of Texas at El Paso.

“It was sort of weird watching Jordan play in a jersey that’s not purple and gold,” junior A’Sia Bradley said. “It is still that same old Jordan though.”