“The Boy in Striped Pajamas” takes a hard look at WWII

Kaiden Loep

Bruno is a very curious nine-year-old boy that lives in Germany. Bruno was also a very innocent young boy who didn’t fully understand what was going on around him, like why he had to move, what exactly his father’s job was, or why he wasn’t allowed to explore outside anymore. One thing Bruno did know though was that he had to keep his new friend, Shmuel, a secret or something horrible may happen to them both.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a heartwarming novel that tells of a bond between two young boys that don’t actually understand all of the horrors happening around them. This read will evoke a mixture of emotions throughout the story. This is a very well-written novel by John Boyne that tells of the holocaust through an innocent nine-year-old’s eyes. This tell puts a whole new spin on the holocaust and shows even more horrors all shown through the perspective of someone outside of the fence rather than inside of the concentration camp.

I really recommend this book to anyone who like to learn about the holocaust or even someone who likes historical fiction. Personally, I couldn’t put this book down after I picked it up. The first couple of chapters were slow, but kept me interested enough to keep on reading; after that the pace picked up very quickly. The book never straight out said it was about the holocaust but the reader can tell once they get far enough along. This is a great book that everyone should read because it will truly pull you into it as you go alone.