Student Spotlight: Taylor Farris


Josalyn Taylor

As senior year moves towards its end, senior Taylor Farris enjoys reflecting on the fun times she had during her high school years. One of her favorite memories is from softball games when she and former student Gracie Davis would help get everyone excited about the games.

“I loved playing softball with Gracie,” Farris said. “She would always pump everyone up. We would have a lot of fun.”

Farris has decided that she will be going to Abilene Christian University after high school to study nursing.

“As the first person in my family to go to college I felt that God blessed me with this opportunity,” Farris said. “I’m so happy to go to ACU.”

During her high school career Farris has participated in softball, Belles, and student council. Farris loves listening to music and painting.

“When I paint and listen to music I get relaxed,” Farris said. “It makes all my worries go away.”

In the groups that she is involved in, people would say that she is understandable and motherly.

“When we are in Belles she makes sure that everyone is okay and is understanding the dances,” junior Cheyenne Eitson said. “And if some gets hurt she is the first to try and help them.”