Student Spotlight: Kendall Reynolds


Tana Cleveland

Musical talent is rare, but sophomore Kendall Reynolds plays the piano and can sing. These talents are probably what landed him the spot of Benny in the musical In The Heights.

“Playing Benny was an amazing experience,” Reynolds said. “I’ll never forget that experience; I had so much fun working with everyone.”

Reynolds is known for his musical gifts and kind personality. Many students admire him for these qualities.

“I started to play piano in the summer of 2016,” Reynolds said. “I’ve always loved listening to piano music, I thought it was about time to learn it.”

Reynolds doesn’t play sports. He enjoys playing video games such as Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto.

“I play video games to relieve stress and for entertainment,” Reynolds said. “They are a good distraction from the outside world.”

Reynolds moved to Buffalo in the second grade from Centerville. According to Reynolds’ friends, he was really shy at first, but he soon warmed up to them.

“I moved here in the second grade,” Reynolds said. “The transition from there to here was pretty big but I quickly adapted.”

He is known for his candor and motivation.

“I try to stay on top of everything,” Reynolds said. “School is really important and I realize that. That’s why I’m so hard on myself when it comes to grades.”