Bison Medal at Lindale


Andrea Garcia

The CX teams and some LD participants competed at the Lindale meet last Friday and Saturday. Prelims were on Friday evening and finals were all day Saturday.
“It was an overnight meet because It is a long way from home,” sophomore Mollie Dittmar said. “We had to compete until late and wake up very early.”

Nadia Garcia and Colby Menefee made it to Quarterfinals in CX. Both agreed it was a great chance to run their case and prepare for district next week.
“The meet was a good opportunity for us to see what arguments will be made against our case,” Nadia Garcia said. “It helps us further prepare and reinforce our case.”
Andrea Garcia and Mollie Dittmar missed advancing to finals by one spot; however, they competed in a consolation meet on Saturday. After going 3-0, they placed first.
“I’m really glad we came to the meet because we had good competition, as well as good judges that gave us good feedback on how to strengthen our case,” Dittmar said. “We now what to work on now and how to prepare for next week.”
Raleigh Rhodes and Josalyn Taylor competed in LD. Josalyn missed finals by two spots, having lost one round out of three.
“I was very upset that I lost my second round,” Taylor said. “However, I learned new techniques and skills to apply for next time.”
Coach Melonie Menefee said the meet was full of very competitive speech teams and it was a good opportunity for the students to learn more and practice their skills. The CX students, especially, were glad for a tough meet as they moved closer to district.
“This was good practice before the real deal,” Nadia Garcia said. “We are trying to get in as much as we can.”