“The Lion King” is a lifelong favorite

Kayla Saenz

If you have ever watched The Lion King your life is complete. The Lion King came out in 1994, and was filmed by Walt Disney Feature Animation. This film tells about Mufasa the king of The Pride Lands, and a father to his cub Simba.

Scar, Mufasa’s younger jealous brother murders Mufasa wanting the position of the throne so he could be king. Nobody knew that he had done that to his brother Making Simba feel responsible for his father’s death. As Simba grows up with his childhood friend Nala, given different perspectives on things.

Simba then flees the pride rock after being told to run away and never return. Simba then runs into Timon (meerkat) and Pumbaa (warthog) and they all three become the best of friends.

Nala (Simba’s childhood friend) accidentally runs in to him while hunting and begs him to return home to the Pride Lands. She tells him how ever since he left scars been ruling and running the place and has ruin it.

After some convincing they get Simba to agree to return to the Pride Lands and fight Scar. Shortly after learning that Scar was the responsible for his father’s death, Simba takes full revenge through a enraged battle. After long and tough battle with his uncle Scar he had won and took his position back as king of the Pride Lands fulfilling The Circle Of Life

The Lion King is overall one of my favorite Disney movies. The beginning is sad when ┬áSimba’s father passes away