Student Spotlight: Raeleigh Rhodes


Kayleigh Rhodes

Throughout the day, Raeleigh Rhodes makes her way back and forth between the ag barn and school. Inside the ag building, a friend awaits her. Each day, she checks on him and makes sure he is taken care of. Each day, she walks him and prepares him for his big day.

Raeleigh Rhodes is a freshman who is showing a goat this year named Ollie. This is Rhodes’ first time ever to show a goat and she is looking forward to showing him.

“I have been practicing with him for a long time now,” Rhodes said. “I want to do good and show everyone that I can be good at this.”

Raeleigh spends some time loving on her goat after their workout. Rhodes photo

Rhodes is also a member of theatre, speech and debate, and participates in cheer. In the midst of all her activities, she always finds time to feed, bathe, and play with Ollie.

“I am always having to drive her to the barn after school so she can feed her goat,” junior Peyton Graves said. “She stays up there a long time too.”

She is looking forward to the show, but not to potentially sell her goat. According to Rhodes, Ollie is a special goat that she has grown close to.

“You can tell that those two are close,” freshman Sydney Lebel said. “With all the time that they spend together, you would think that Ollie was a real person.”