Small Animal Management class takes on grooming duties


Andrea Garcia

Mikaela Hall’s small animal management class groomed dogs during class last week as a part of their lesson plan, putting the new ag barn facility to use to do so.

“We took the dog out during class,” sophomore Roberto Garcia said. “It was fun; any opportunity I get to go out to the barn I enjoy.”

One of the dogs that the class groomed was English teacher Anna Bailey. Her dog is a small dog named Dixie.

“I loved that she got to interact with other people other than me,” Bailey said. “It was good for her to socialize.”

The students bathed the dog, along with brushing her teeth and hair. They even told Bailey that next time they would paint her nails.

“We had a lot of fun grooming Mrs. Bailey’s dog,” sophomore Roberto Garcia said. “It was nice getting to interact and having a hands on experience.”

Roberto said that even though he is not big on animals, it was still a good learning opportunity. He said that it taught him how to properly care for a small animal.

“I really enjoyed getting to care for the dogs,” Garcia said. “I’m not very good with animals but learning to properly take care of them was very fun.”