Ag program moves into new facility


Kaline Martinez

Few students know anything about showing because they have never had the opportunity. The new Ag barn will definitely give more students the opportunity to learn about raising and showing animals.

The new Ag barn is finished and already in use. FFA students are starting to use the barn to take care of their show animals. Students go to the barn before and after school to feed and water their animals as well as exercise and work with them.

“This is my first year showing a lamb and I feel pretty confident about it because Mr. Goff is a great teacher,” junior Ally Smith said. “With the barn I’m able to keep my lamb here and not at home, and I can keep an eye on the lamb.”

Students are provided with a chance to learn and raise their own animal. The new facility contains 24 slots for animals to be within the barn, two storage containers, one for pig feed and one for lamb feed. It also contains a vet tech area where the students will be able to watch operations and learn about animals.

“It is very efficient for all the students who use the Ag barn,” freshman Raleigh Rhodes said. “It’s very nice and I’m thankful for the people who built the building for us.”

For starters, the barn houses ten lambs and three pigs for the students to show.

“If it wasn’t for this barn we couldn’t put our animals here, and I love it,” junior Cheyenne Einstein said. “Love that I get to get my animal here at school when I can be with my lamb, feed it, and play with it.”