Christmas tunes take a new sound


Andrea Garcia

One of the most popular parts of the holidays is the music. From Christmas carols to Hallmark-themed songs, Christmas music is what sets the mood for the holidays. One genre that has been on the rise recently is Christmas Trap Music.

The genre is very festive and very upbeat. Many millennials love it because it is the perfect blend of festive and exhilarating. The best part of this genre is that the songs are remixes from popular Christmas songs. Common songs include DJ Fire- “Twerkith on these bells”, Stevie Wonder- “Jingle Bells (Trap Remix)”, and Jay Kode- “Nutcracka”.

I really enjoyed listening to these songs. They are very fun, full of very different beats and good Christmas lyrics. The perfect time to listen to these songs is when decorating the Christmas tree, baking themed cookies and wrapping gifts. Overall, this genre is the modern tune of the holidays and sets the mood for a more exciting approach.