Student Spotlight: Vanessa Ramirez


As she hears Mrs. Gleghorn introducing the Belles, her adrenaline is pumping and lights are shining on her face and the crowd is cheering; she knows it’s time to perform. JuniorVanessa Ramirez is ready to dance her way through another halftime performance.

Vanessa has been a member of the Belles since her freshman year. She said she has loved every moment performing and cheering on Friday’s night games.

“I love having her as an art student and a Belle,” Belles director Amanda Harter said. “I have enjoyed having her for three years but I going to be really sad when she graduates and leaves.”

Dancing is not all she does, though. After a long day of school and work, and she finally sits down and relaxes for the first time, Netflix is on her mind. 

“I just like watching shows on Netflix after I’m done with all of my school work,” Ramirez said, “I’m done watching Vampire Diaries and I really like Pretty Little Liars.”

Although Ramirez is very busy during the day, once she is home, she binge-watches TV shows. She current favorite show is Riverdale. She prefers watching mystery and dramas with the occasional horror movie in between.

“She is a very good historian,” Spanish teacher Olivia Grubbs said, “She takes lots of pictures, documentation in order to establish the historical value of the Spanish Club.”

Both of Ramirez’s sisters have graduated from Buffalo High School. They both have children that Ramirez says she loves to death. One of her sisters, Miriam, was a Belle for 4 years and an officer for two.

“She is an amazing friend,” junior Jennifer Dominguez said, “She is always there for you and I couldn’t ask for a better friend.”

After high school, Ramirez hopes to go to Tyler Junior College or Stephen F. Austin University for nursing school. She is currently taking Medical Terminology class to prepare for the Medical field. So far she enjoys the class.

“I have always been interested about being something in the medical field,” Vanessa said. “I want to save lives and it’s a dream and passion I want to pursue.”