Students place at regional congress meet


Nadia Garcia

While other students were preparing themselves for Thanksgiving break, the speech and debate team was preparing for the Regional Congress meet in College Station.

“This year we improved so much,” senior Lilah Adams said. “Everyone on the team did so much better than last year’s meet.”

The debate reached their goal when  three debaters placed in the top five.  Adams placed third and will advance to state, sophomore Colby Menefee placed fourth and is the first alternate to the state meet, senior Taylor Lack placed fifth and is second alternate to state.

“Everyone did so good,” Lack said. “ For my first year to do this event I surprised myself; I did a lot better than I thought I would.”

The team is really impressed with how much they have improved.

“I feel like I did a lot better this year than last year,” Menefee said. “ I was more prepared and had a better understanding of the event.”

Adams will compete at the state meet in January.

“I am a little  so nervous,” Adams said. “I knew there are going to be some good debtors there, but I am also really happy to compete at state.”