Students help with new breakfast program


Iris Valles

This year the high school has a new program that provides free meals for everyone – students don’t have to pay for breakfast or lunch. While lunches are still served in the cafeteria, breakfast is delivered to each classroom by the Life Skills students.

While the change to having breakfast delivered was an adjustment for everyone, it is down to a smooth routine now.

“Like any other project it started off a little rough,” Katie Villarreal said, “but I enjoy it it is fun and it is also good for social skills since we tend to stay on the shy side since we are at the end of the hall in the north 40.”

The school was on the news for this new program we are in helping out disadvantaged kids.

“I think it is a good thing because some people that do not have money can’t afford breakfast or lunch,” said freshman Nicole Rice.

This year has started off with new changes and the changes are making this year a different year.

“The new program we have is actually a really good,” freshman Kaline Martinez said “ the food is good sometimes.“