FCCLA and FCS groups visit Headstart


Kaiden Loep

The joy on a child’s face when they get to play with the ‘big kids’ was what FCS classes and FCCLA members got to see when they visited Headstart last month.

There were 15 high schoolers who went with FCCLA instructor and FCS teacher Melissa Isaacs to play games with the headstart children. The teachers set up little game stations to get the children in the Halloween spirit.

“It was really fun getting to play games with the little kids,” senior Chelsea Harter said. “They are so tiny and adorable; it was a really great day.”

There were a couple of high schoolers working at each game station.

“I worked with Ima at the face paint,” Harter said. “It was funny to see them get so excited.”

There were about 27 headstart kids there.

“We were totally outnumbered by the little ones, but we had their teachers to help too,” senior Ima Champion said. “It was chaotic at first, but it was still fun. I mainly struggled to get them to sit still to get their face painted. ”

Isaacs said she loved seeing the kids get excited when they won a prize.

“The teachers provided the prizes and we pretty much just ran the whole thing,” Isaacs said. “I loved getting to watch them win the prizes though; it made my day.”

Isaacs said she plans to do something similar next year.

“It was crazy because all of the kids were everywhere and very hyper,” Isaacs said. “I hope next year we have this whole thing a bit more organized.”