Student Spotlight: Cheyenne Stokes


Kaline Martinez

Having her mother work as both parents is enough to keep Cheyenne Stokes pursuing her dreams.

Cheyenne is involved in Belles and she is focused on Belles and her academics. She enjoys Belles because of the thrill being out on the field and performing in front of a crowd. Stokes gets excited when it’s Friday night’s game because of all the adrenaline going through her body while she dancing.

“I think Cheyenne is one of freshman Belles to show so much growth,” teacher Amanda Harter said. “She seems to have fun out on the field and the longer she is a belle, the more she is coming out of her shell and making friends.”

Stokes has moved to different states, motivating her to travel when she’s older. She has been to Wisconsin, Chicago, Iowa, Georgia, and now Texas. With different states comes different schools, Cheyenne was in choir during her stay in Houston. Choir is still one of her hobbies.

“My mom and I wanted to adventure a little bit but not that much,” Stokes said. ”We decide to just moved to a new state.”

After four years of high school, Cheyenne plans to move to California and might go into the business department. She would like to own a restaurant or a store. Stokes also plans to travel as well.

“I think she would do amazing things in her future,” freshman Sarah Slay said. ”She will accomplish anything she wants to achieve.”