Dress-up days make Red Ribbon Week fun


Carina Sanchez

Assemblies, crazy dress up days, posters and signs up on the school’s walls brighten the atmosphere. It’s not homecoming but the next best thing: Drug Awareness week.

Typically there are two times when schools have constantly dress up days for a whole week straight. Now that homecoming ended, Red Ribbon Week just started with Too Bright For Drugs which many are able to wear glasses.

Not many people knew about this dress up since it was the first day and a Monday causing some disappointments for most.

“Man if I knew that we could wear glasses I would have” new FCCLA member Dayani Compean said. “ Usually that would be breaking the school rules and this actually makes me feel cool”

The dress up days were not for FCCLA members only; anyone from the school could participate as well.

“I found out about the dress up days a little bit too late before I could participate” Sarah Slay said. “My none FCCLA friends dress up and I thought it was very nice of them to show they supported ”

Red Ribbon is not only about dress up days although it can be very fun. It mainly about preventing students and children doing drugs and by promoting it in different ways.

“I did dress up for the neon shirt day but that was all” said Marissa DeLaCruz. “I just wish next year they make it a bigger deal and maybe host a mini fair about Red Ribbon week.”