“I Fall Apart” hits the charts and touches our hearts

Iris Valles

The hit song was written and sung by artist Post Malone I Fall Apart is one of the most played and listened to. The album, Stoney, is under the hip-hop/trap music genre. On Spotify, the song stands to be the second top rated songs.

The song is about a heartbreak and how he falls apart thinking about the girl he loved. It is definitely one of the songs that will put you into your feelings. He expresses and pours out his heart in this song.

He wrote the song to attempt to numb the pain. Even the fans were surprised by how touching it is. Many people can relate to what he is saying or vibe with it.

Post Malone became known on the internet when he did a live performance to I Fall Apart. A girl recorded him and posted it on twitter making it go viral.

This song speaks the truth. I personally love this song because it tells and expresses how I feel most of the time. When I sing along to it the words tell me so much about his heartbreak story. It preaches to those who have been hurt.

I highly recommend this song to be listened to carefully because things he says can speak to someone. His albums include other songs as well, take a listen to those as well.