Homecoming dress-up days raise student spirit


Tana Cleveland

With homecoming week comes many fun traditions such as mums, homecoming court and dress up days. Every day last week, there were silly dress up days for students to show their school spirit and to pep the football players up for their game on Friday.

On Monday the dress up day theme was Pajama Day. Students showed up to school very comfy in onesies and slippers.

“I kept falling asleep in class because I was so comfy,” senior Taylor Lack said. “PJ day was by far one of my favorite days.”

On Tuesday, students flashed back to the past with Decades Day. The most popular decade many students decided to represent was the 90’s.

“I love everything about the 90’s but especially the fashion,” junior Sheri Donaldson said. “I was inspired by Saved by the Bell.”

On Wednesday, the theme was Hawaiian Day and  some students didn’t participate due to the building of the annual bonfire. The students that did participate showed their school spirit by wearing flowers and floral shirts.

“I came to school wearing a floral shirt and a flower crown,” sophomore Andrea Daniel said. “I like Hawaiian Day because it’s a very 70’s vibe.”

Character Day was on Thursday, and a lot of students were very creative with their outfits. Many students used characters from TV shows and movies. One of the most stand out outfits was Chelsea Harter being a rodeo clown.

“I was Gabriella from High School Musical,” senior Nadia Garcia said. “I relate with her a lot because she’s really smart and we also look alike.”

Friday was Purple Out. Students showed school spirit by wearing purple body suits and face paint. Friday was definitely one of the most spirited days.

“I wore a whole purple bodysuit and a white bow,” junior Melanie McGill said. “Every year I do the most on purple out because that is the day of the football game.”