Students build bonfire


Lilah Adams

A fire is burning, and it is not in the hearts of the students and faculty. The annual bonfire was built Wednesday to add to the homecoming week festivities.

Juniors, seniors, and the principal’s committee took the day off to gather wood, build a bonfire with palettes and paint their names on the wood.   

“I was so tired after working all day,” senior Taylor Farris said. “I think I sprained my hand after I was done, but I had a great time. It was fun going around town and asking people for donations.”

Over the course of eight hours, those who helped with the bonfire had to find as many pallets as they could.

“I can’t even tell you how many splinters I got in my hands,” senior Madison Simpson said. “We were loading palettes all day. I think we loaded about 90 of them.”

Once the students finished building the bonfire, they painted their own palettes, both individually and as groups, to leave their mark.

“I think we got a little carried away with the signs,” senior Kassidy Bell said. “Everyone was making a sign; even Samantha Pate made one. The pile was filled with names.”

After all the final details were added, the fire was lit.

Students work on building the bonfire. Goff photo

“I was kind of sad that it was my last bonfire,” senior Taylor Lack said. “I love homecoming, especially for the festivities. I wanted to make this one a time to remember.”

This was a particularly special bonfire. For the last three years, the football team has played Leon on homecoming. Last year, the team lost.

“We were all pumped for this game,” senior James Rodell said. “ After we lost last year, we wanted to make this year better. We knew we were going to win, but we still wanted to make a big deal about it.”