Teacher Spotlight- Patrice Cox


Josalyn Taylor

Mother of two? More like mother of more. Patrice Cox is the Chemistry and Forensic teacher at the high school. Her love for what she teaches makes her one of the best teachers.

“I want to further the love of science to teenagers,” Cox said. “You all are the future. You have to know this stuff.”

Although she has a love for science, she once wanted to work for the forest service. The job would count the population of forest animals.

“I would help the forest service when I was younger,” Cox said. “They don’t get paid, though, so I couldn’t make a job out of it.”

The proudest moments she gets from teaching is having a student text her from college when they do awesome on a chemistry test.

“It makes me feel good having a student do good,” Cox said. “It lets me know I’m doing a good teaching job.”

Many students have a strong bond with Cox because she taught them for their four years of high school.

“She is such a passionate and devoted teacher,” senior Lilah Adams said. “She inspired me for my biomedical sciences major I want to do in college. She really changed my life.”