“I Am Sam” is an emotional ride


Carina Sanchez

For people who love emotionally addicting books, “I Am Sam” is the perfect fit. It is about a Starbucks employee by the name of Sam Dawson, who has the mental capacity of a seven year-old.  He and a homeless woman which abandons them as soon as they leave the hospital had a baby girl, Lucy Diamond.

He raises he, but as she turns seven years old herself, Sam’s disabilities become a problem for Lucy at school. Trying to save the father’s feelings the young girl refuses to learn more since she didn’t want to outsmart him. In a turn of events Lucy was taken by Family Social Services.

This book is all about how a single father with disabilities fights for the custody of his daughter and it carries so many details along with character personality changes. For example, He met a young lawyer who had problems of her own which stars as a rude and selfish person but the longer her and Sam work together she changes her ways of thinking.

The lawyer who tries to help Sam and his case, Rita Harrison’s personality was well expressed and the dialog almost makes it visible on the breaks down and feels in her deeper thoughts towards her whole situation. Overall, this book is a very emotional and caught my attention quickly which was truly impressive. In society the majority of this generation tends to doubt the abilities of people with disabilities; even things that are as simple as showing care but in this book it changes the views.