“Jumanji 2” is good for laughs


Nicole Rice

Jake Kasdan is back at it with a new movie, Jumanji 2, Welcome to the Jungle.

This movie was made as a tribute to the first movie and keeps up with the story we all know and love from the original Jumanji with the game board you either wanted to keep or wanted to get rid of but now fits the time of video games.

Welcome to the Jungle is an action/adventure/fantasy/comedy, and even though it’s rated PG, it falls in the family category.

The movie follows four teenagers, played by Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan,   who find a video game they’ve never heard of and start to play it. All four are pulled into the video game’s jungle setting and quickly learn what Alan Parrish, Sarah Whittle, Judy and Peter Shepherd learned in the first movie.

You don’t play Jumanji; Jumanji plays you