Student Spotlight: Jenny Dominguez


Itzel Velazquez

As the captain starts to count, her heart begins to race, but freshman Jenny Dominguez shakes it off and puts a big smile on her face.

Passionate, determined, skilled and talented are some of many words that describe Dominguez when she’s dancing. Dominguez is a first year Bison Belles and she really likes it because it feels like a sisterhood.

“I was indecisive about joining Belles,” Dominguez said. “When I joined I realized it was one of the best decisions of my life, because I like to share my dancing passion with my friends.”

Dominguez is always practicing routines and working hard to improve. She has been working so hard since August.

“I have seen a lot of improvement in Jenny,” Belle Director Amanda Harter said. “She listens to directions and fixes every mistake she is told to fix.”  

While many students struggle juggling extracurricular activities and maintaining high grades, for Dominguez it is not a problem. The rule no pass no play applies to her and it’s what motivates her to keep a high grade.

“I have to be passing to dance,” Dominguez said. “I don’t want to be cut from a dance do to grades, because I would be failing my team.”

Aside from being talented she is known as funny and friendly by her friends. Dominguez doesn’t like to see anybody sad, because if she does she makes sure to put a smile on someone’s face.