Sam Smith is “Too Good At Goodbyes”


Scarlet Carrillo

While writing “In the Lonely Hour,” Sam Smith became careless. He started drinking and partying more and stopped caring for himself or his career, but after a long hiatus, he’s back with “Too Good at Goodbyes”.

His music video starts of with him looking down and singing a melody. The video has multiple couples affectionately kissing, staring at each other, crying, and dancing with each other. All their relationships seem to be crumbling as the video progresses. The video really shows the heartache of saying goodbye to someone and the possible consequences of opening up.

The lyrics are deep, and combined with the grand piano and background music, it makes the perfect pick-me-up breakup song. It really shows what Smith went through while he was writing the song. Just a few months before the song was released, he was dumped. He mentioned in an interview, writing about the breakup didn’t help and it almost made him want to quit. Fortunately, he regained his inspiration and wrote a meaningful song.