Student Spotlight: Dean Esposito

Student Spotlight: Dean Esposito

Kaiden Loep

He may be loud, hyper and sassy, but that’s just how his friends like him.

Sophomore Dean Esposito is the kind of guy that can befriend almost anyone because of his outgoing personality. Esposito is a 15-year-old who has a passion for binge watching scary movies and has ever since he was younger.

“I do quite a few things at school that I love a lot,” Esposito said. “However, my favorite thing to do is binge watch scary movies. I love thrillers and horror films because they keep you on the edge of your seat. If a movie isn’t having a plot twist very often then I don’t consider it to be a very good movie at all.”

Esposito said he went and watched the newest It movie and absolutely loved it.

“The new It movie had a few jump scares that got me, but I really loved the plot,” Esposito said. “I love really any horror film, but my absolute favorite is Scream. I watched scream as a child and it has been my favorite movie ever since.”

Esposito is in guard and said that he loves spending Friday nights with all of his friends, but in particular his Bison Belle friend sophomore Bailey Weatherford.

“I love getting to hang out with Dean during third-quarter when the Belles and band get free time,” Weatherford said. “He always can make me laugh even if I’m not feeling well after a performance.”

Weatherford says that although Esposito can frustrate her sometimes, she knows that he never means any harm.

“Even when Dean gets on my nerves, I can’t stay mad at him for very long,” Weatherford said. “He is one of those people that you can’t stay mad at for long.”

Sophomore Lexi Hallmar said that she and Dean have been friends ever since he moved here because of his unforgettable personality.

“I met him last year on his first day of school,” Hallmark said. “We were in the cafeteria and I thought he was a girl, but then I quickly found out he wasn’t. I got to know him pretty quickly because we are so similar.”

Hallmark said that occasionally she and Esposito will meet up at his house and binge watch scary movies.

“He is one of my favorite friends and we like to watch scary movies together even though I get scared easily,” Hallmark said. “Dean is pretty hilarious and a fun guy to be friends with. I don’t think I would like school as much if he weren’t here.”