“Hex Hall” full of mystery

Kaline Martinez

A student is being attacked and anyone could be next. Hex Hall is a mysterious and adventurous fantasy novel written by Rachel Hawkins.

This book is good if the reader is looking for a good introduction to a series. Hex Hall contains action, suspense, fantasy and romance with just a little twist. In the book, no one is safe from harm, pain, betrayal, and even death, but the humor gets better as the story develops around the characters. The main character, Sophie Mercer, is witty and any reader would be able to relate to them since she has a boyfriend, friends, family, and identity problems.

Hex Hall is a laugh-out-loud, fast-paced, and an easy read with a multi-layered plot. It has quite a few moments when the character shows depth in their emotions and the reader doesn’t suspect the turn of events. The first few chapters are slow-paced and dull, but the second half of the book is the kind of book that makes the reader’s heart pound and palms sweat.

Hawkins captures the real high school life and drama scenarios in this book with their own version of prom, cliques, relationships, and talking about teachers behind their backs.This would be a great recommendation to everyone who likes a good mystery and fantasy book.