Rain doesn’t stop See You At The Pole


Sheri Donaldson

They huddled together to stay a little drier in the rain. They ignored the stares of students who weren’t sure what they were doing. They spoke more loudly when a school bus or a diesel truck pulled up to drop off a student, almost shouting at times to be heard over the rumble of engines. They bowed their heads to resume speaking just as another interval occurred. 

Last week, the teachers and students gathered at 7:30 a.m. for the annual See You at Pole, spending time together in prayer for the school as well as students and staff.

“Every year our school likes to do this to help students pray for whatever is on their mind,” pastor Alan Grisham said.  “I think this really helps everyone to connect our love for the lord.”

The students and teachers gathered in a circle and held hands in prayer. Each person wanting to pray went in turn until the beginning of the circle was reached.

“I love how we are able to pray out loud if we feel comfortable to,” junior Makayla Gilliam said. “I prayed for the many victims of all the recent natural disasters.”

The FCA organization, known as the Fellow Christian athletes were a group among many that joined together in prayer.

“Everyone apart of FCA was able to join,” FCA teacher Sheila Rubel said. “I was very proud with our group’s determination in spreading God’s love.”

While in prayer, students and teachers were rained on unexpectedly.

“At first we were kind of bummed that See you at the pole was rained on,” junior Noah Rubel said. “But we all thought it was actually very comforting, the Lord’s creation lightly pouring on us as we prayed in his name”