Student Spotlight- A’sia Bradley


Josalyn Taylor

Nobody is stopping junior A’sia Bradley from trying to live her dreams. “Only person stopping me, is me, and I’m unstoppable” is a quote she uses to stay motivated during hard times.

“I use that quote because nobody is stopping me from my dreams,” Bradley said. “One day I will be great.”

One place that Bradley shows off her skills is on the court, both basketball and volleyball. Her motivation to never give up could be described by her teammates as a way to help others around her to stay motivated.

“She is fun to be around on and off the court,” junior Melanie McGill said. “Every time she is on the court, I know that she will a lot of hard work.”

Bradley hopes that her hard work at the high school level eventually continues at the collegiate level. After graduating high school she hopes to play basketball for the army or WNBA.

“When you watch A’sia play any sport, especially basketball, you can tell she is a hard worker,” junior McKenzie Ryder said. “Being the basketball manager for the past two years, I’m able to watch her play the sport she loves.”

Bradley has set big goals for herself and plans to achieve all of them. Bradley wants to be known by the world for her skills on the court.

“I don’t want to change my name to anything else,” Bradley said. “A’sia is going to be on billboards.”