Harry Style intros exciting new sound


Stefani Trejo

Former One Direction member Harry Styles released his first solo album and has stayed on the Billboard 200 for the past 19 weeks. Styles has sold more than 230,000 albums; 193,000 were pure album sales.

Style’s current music is much different from what he sang and wrote in One Direction. His songs are either classic rock-oriented or soft auctions. Only Angel, his sixth song on his album, transitions from gospel to soft rock. In contrast, Kiwi has more of a hard rock vibe and rhythm. The entire album is a surprise.

Personally, I think the album is really amazing. All the songs have different meanings and are unique in their own way. Carolina meaning is a bit unsettling but his softer songs are comforting. For example, Sweet Creature talks about stages in a relationship starting from friendship to dating. Meanwhile, Two Ghost talks about the awkward tension between two exes. You can find different types of songs you want to listen to. From sad to exciting songs, this song got you covered.