“Sherlock” perfect for mystery lovers


Scarlet Carrillo

Sherlock is a fun, clever, action-packed British TV series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories. All four series are on Netflix or Freeform. Consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes takes us around London, United Kingdom, with his best friend John Watson, solving crimes.

Sherlock starts of with war vet, Dr. John Watson(Martin Freeman) coming back to London looking for a place to stay. He ends up staying with Sherlock Holmes(Benedict Cumberbatch), who takes him to investigate multiple seemingly-unrelated suicides. As the show progresses, we meet consulting criminal James Moriarty, who turns out be Holmes’s nemesis and linked to many of Holmes’s investigations. As Holmes and Watson keep investigating, tragedies start to unfold and many secrets are revealed.

Through all the Sherlock Holmes remakes many don’t capture who Sherlock and Watson really are. Cumberbatch shows Holmes as aloof and misunderstanding of human interaction and affection. Martin Freeman discard the idea of John Watson being the airhead sidekick, and instead, we see Watson as resourceful, smart, and a partner to Holmes. The rest of the characters have also been well cast. Also, the way Holmes worries and cares for Watson is a great way to show how exclusive Holmes is. Mark Gatiss also reminds the readers that Holmes might be strong and a good fighter but his strongest weapon is his sharp remarks.