TV Show Review: Pretty Little Liars


Iris Valles

One of the top hit TV shows, Pretty Little Liars, is one of the most thrilling drama/mystery TV shows ever. It has hit the point where everyone wants to see it. Viewers impatiently wait each new installment.

Pretty Little Liars is a great TV show series to watch. Not only is it on TV freeform, it is also on Netflix. I find the show very addicting, and I could not stop watching it. The show is about 5 girls being stalked by someone who goes by “A.” The young leader goes missing and is found a few years later. The stalker is always ahead of them.

They just wrapped up the last season that came out July 20, which is the end of Pretty Little Liars. It will be a moment of tears and pain for everyone who loves the show, but episodes will still be streaming on Netflix.

The actors put an incredible amount of power and imagination into each episode. They always know how to change the moods when needed. The viewer is drawn in to the point of almost feeling like a part of the show.

I was anxious to see the last season because I wanted to see what happened after all the problems they had. I had mixed emotions: I cried, laughed, and I even got mad. Overall, this is one of my favorites, and I recommend everyone to watch it.