Plenty of action in “Code of Honor”

Plenty of action in

Kaline Martinez

Code of Honor is action-packed, brotherly story wrote by Alan Gratz. Karman refuses to believe that his brother is sending threats to the US, but Karman has to prove to himself and everyone that his brother is innocent.  It’s a bond between brothers that can’t be broken.

This book moves at a fast pace with a lot of twists and surprises one way or another.The book contains the mixture of suspense, mystery, and action. Code of Honor is the kind of book that makes the reader want to keep turning pages. Even with some short chapters, the author leaves quite a few cliffhangers building the suspense for the reader to keep reading.

Karman’s story portrays some of the difficulties of growing up Persian in American and addressing prejudice, stereotyping, friendship, family, and loyalty. It shows that family who sticks together will eventually be in a better place than before. It shows that if the reader has a good personality and confidence that the reader can do anything. Code of Honor has a moral or theme and that is don’t judge a book by its cover. I recommend this to everyone who likes a sense of adventure and a good brotherly story.